Furniture Manufacturers and Restoration Experts

Assured Fine Furniture is a family-run business specialising in the manufacture of free-standing, handcrafted, unbeatably high quality furniture. All pieces are created ‘to order’, working to customers’ exact specifications in order to create the ideal piece of furniture for their home or business.

Computer controlled machinery has let mass-produced furniture become commonplace, with standardised sizes, materials and finishes. Assured Fine Furniture believes in aiming for the absolute highest possible level of quality, producing unique and individually-commissioned pieces of work using traditional, long-lasting methods, i.e. mortice and tenon joints for the main carcass and dovetail joints for drawers.

As a well-respected author for Woodworker Magazine, Peter from Assured Fine Furniture has a wealth of knowledge and experience of carpentry, ensuring that each item of authentic handmade furniture produced is given the care and attention it deserves and allowing for the creation of bespoke products to any specification.

Furniture Restoration

Alongside custom furniture production, Assured Fine Furniture provides a quality restoration service designed to rejuvenate old or damaged furniture by bringing it back to a ‘like new’ quality. The team has all the skills needed to bring even heavily damaged furniture back to its former glory – see our furniture restorations page for examples of previous projects.

For antique furniture restoration in Stretford, Sale, Urmston, Stockport, Salford or for bespoke furniture construction anywhere in the Greater Manchester area, contact Assured Fine Furniture today through the contact form, or ring 07984 161865 and someone will get back to you shortly.