Furniture Restoration Services

Restoring a piece of furniture to a pristine state often requires the use of a significant number of different skills, designed to recreate the original look and functionality of the furniture while retaining its authenticity and antique feel. From veneer repairs through to re-leathering, French polishing, and much more, Assured Fine Furniture has the skill-set and experience to restore even heavily damaged items of furniture.

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French Polishing

Assured Fine Furniture’s expertise in furniture restoration allows for the use of long-lasting, high-gloss French polishing techniques, bringing a level of a warmth and depth to wood that no other finish can achieve. Many thin, light layers of shellac are applied over a considerable period, and at considerable effort, building up a truly stunning finish which cannot be replicated by any faster, mass-produced modern method. Assured Fine Furniture believes in restoring items to their original pristine condition through traditional, authentic methods, rather than any modern, less effective ‘budget’ alternatives.

Carving and Turning

Assured Fine Furniture’s in-house skills include wood carving and turning, allowing for the replication of original carvings or turnings to replace damaged or missing parts of vintage furniture. Combined with expert French polishing techniques, this allows for the accurate replacement of many elements of valued antique furniture.

Traditional Upholstery

From simple dining chairs through to full Edwardian sofas, Assured Fine Furniture has the upholstering capabilities to mend and revitalise any damaged or worn upholstery, using the same materials as on the original product for authentic, accurate repairs.


Assured Fine Furniture carries out caning work by hand, as it has been for centuries, creating solid, woven furniture from flexible canes and reeds. Combined with other restoration techniques, it allows for the restoration of a wide range of antique or traditional furniture.


For over 4,000 years civilisations have applying thin layers of real gold to solid surfaces, creating a stunning effect which cannot be replicated through any artificial means. Assured Fine Furniture’s skilled restoration experts use these same techniques to restore vintage pieces back to their original quality.


In veneering, thin sheets of wood are sliced to enhance and decorate furniture, boxes, cabinets, and so on, using woods that normally be too unstable to build entire pieces from. By mastering the art of veneering and carefully matching woods and grains, Assured Fine Furniture is able to bring antique pieces of furniture to an ‘as new’ standard without jeopardising the original aesthetics.


Inlaying refers to inserting different types of contrasting material into a piece of furniture, such as brass, stone, glass, ivory, mother of pearl, and similar. Each piece is individually cut and coloured to match the existing style, with pieces carefully and securely inlayed to revitalise and restore old furniture.

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